Do you know how fast your can type?

27 September, 2005
If answer is no, typing test @ TypingMaster will help to find typing speed online, for free!

I took the test, here is my results:
Thank you for assessing your typing skills with
the free TypingMaster Online Test - and welcome back

Here are your full test results:

- Test Name:   Strategic Alliances with Competitors
- Test Time:   03:00
- Gross Speed: 54 WPM
- Errors:      4
- Accuracy:    97%


LearningPage: Quality learning material for kids

26 September, 2005

Learning Page provides a huge collection of professionally produced
instructional materials you can download and print. Lesson plans,
books, worksheets, and much more can be found on the site. Start by
checking out free samples

Registration is needed for full access to the site. Registration is free.

Structure search by name (IUPAC Nomenclature search)

15 September, 2005

Search IUPAC Nomenclature

You know the name of a compound, say methylenedioxy, but do not know the structure of it. One of the easiest online way is to search for compound name in

Search for methylenedioxy resulted in following output:

A cyclic acetal in which the two acetal-oxygen atoms form part of a ring may be named: (a) as a heterocyclic compound; (b) by use of the prefix "methylenedioxy-" for the group as a substituent in the remainder of the molecule, derivatives of the methylenedioxy group being named as substitution products thereof; or (c) particularly when stereochemistry is implied in the name of the corresponding alcohol or ketone, as the alkylene or alkylidene derivative of that alcohol or as the alkylene or alkylidene acetal of that ketone.

DAYPOP - for BlogSphere watch

Daypop is a nice place for keeping tract of important happenings in blog community

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