Save our Tigers - Achyut's Art

16 February, 2010

save-our-tiger-art-achyut, originally uploaded by nalinitj.

It was great to see Achuyt drawing tigers after tigers to save them. Incidentally chines new year holiday helped him to draw more pictures. Coincidentally it is Tiger year for Chines. Why not for the whole world for saving them. Effect of our recent visit to India can also be seen in his drawing 'Airtel' free add for airtel. :)

What ever it is... message from Achyut, me and my family to world is "Live and let Live" DO not KILL. DO not buy products made from Tiger body parts. We must act now to save this beautiful species.

We must save tigers - message from Achyut to the world

must-save-tigers, originally uploaded by nalinitj.

Second drawing from Achyut regarding "SAVE TIGERS" campaign.

Achyut's campaign to save Tigers with his art.

save-tigers-achyut-art, originally uploaded by nalinitj.

Little Achyut is 7 years old now. He saw an add in NDTV about "Save our Tigers". His instant reaction was to join this campaign. He asked me how he can help save tigers. I gave a small lecture about it, one of the things he liked was to draw a picture and spread the world. Here is one of his arts to help tigers.

Achyut is shouting aloud to the world "PLEASE SAVE TIGERS, never kill them. They also have equal right as humans to live on this EARTH. Live and let live.

Achyut's art - Elephant visiting achyut's home

home-achyut-art, originally uploaded by nalinitj.

This is one of the arts of Achyut. He is depicting here his dream home with dream drive-the Elephant.

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