MNJaga's question, about reminders, to 'askslashdot' got accepted

25 July, 2005
Slashdot (/.) is an interesting site for computer geeks (as the site says "News for nerds, stuff that matters"). I have been a regular reader of this site since couple of years. Stories are given by readors which filters through a tough filters. To sum up, it is not that easy to get your story posted. AskSlashdot is a section where we can ask questions to readors to get real nice answers. For the first time I asked a question about "reminders in unix environment" and to my pleasent surprise it got accepted on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 with the title "Reminders (Pop-up & E-mail) with Unix?". As usual with /. response were mixed type. Thanks to all the people who took time to respond. Some people gave real good solution to the problem while many people posed as usual as if they are ultimate!

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