India 2004: Best Business Schools

16 August, 2005
The Best Business Schools 2004 Rank

Rated by Business World - Dated 22-09-2003       

  1. Indian Institute of Management   Ahmedabad  
  2.   Indian Institute of Management  Bangalore  
  3.   Indian Institute of Management  Calcutta  
  4.   Indian Institute of Management  Lucknow  
  5.   National Institute of Industrial Engineering  Mumbai  
  6.   Management Development Institute  Gurgaon  
  7.   Xavier Labour Relations Institute  Jamshedpur  
  8.   S.P. Jain Institute of Mgmt & Research  Mumbai  
  9.   Faculty of Mgmt Studies, University of Delhi  Delhi  
  10.   Shailesh J. Mehta School of Mgmt  IIT-Bombay  
  11.   Indian Institute of Management  Kozhikode  
  12. ICFAI Business School  Hyderabad  
  13.   University Business School  Chandigarh  
  14.   Dept of Mgmt Studies  IIT-Delhi  
  15.   Xavier Institute of Management  Bhubaneswar  
  16.   Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management  New-Delhi  
  17.   Institute of Rural Management  Anand  
  18.   Indian Institute of Foreign Trade  New Delhi  
  19.   International Management, Institute   New Delhi  
  20.   Goa Institute of Management  Goa  
  21.   Institute of Management Technology  Ghaziabad  
  22.   T.A. Pai Management Institute  Manipal  
  23.   Indian Institute of Management  Indore  
  24.   Fore School of Management   New Delhi  
  25.   Symbiosis Institute of Business Management  Pune  
  26.   Regional College of Management   Bhubaneswar  
  27.   Indian Institute of Modern Management  Pune  
  28.   NIILM Centre for Management Studies  New Delhi    
  29.   Prin L.N.Welingkar Inst. of Mgmt Development  Mumbai    
  30.   Loyola Institute of Business Administration  Chennai    
  31.   Vinod Gupta School of Mgmt  IIT - Kharagpur    
  32.   Institute for Technology & Management  Mumbai    
  33.   Alliance Business Academy  Bangalore    
  34.   Graduate School of Business & Administration  Noida    
  35.   PSG Institute of Management  Coimbatore    
  36.   Prestige Institute of Mgmt & Research  Indore    
  37.   Institute for Financial Mgmt & Research  Chennai    
  38.   Jaipuria Institute of Management  Lucknow    
  39.   Indian Inst. of Social Welfare & Business Mgmt  Kolkata    
  40.   Bharathidasan Institute of Management  Tiruchirapalli    
  41.   Asia Pacific Institute of Management   New Delhi    
  42.   Department of Management Science, Pune University  Pune    
  43.   Amrita Institute of Management  Coimbatore    
  44.   Rourkela Institute of Mgmt Studies  Rourkela    
  45.   Rajagiri School of Management  Cochin    
  46.   Indian Institute of Rural Management  Jaipur    
  47.   N.L. Dalmia Inst. of Mgmt Studies & Research   Mumbai    
  48.   Indian Institute of Health Management Research  Jaipur    
  49.   Master School of Management  Meerut    
  50.   Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies  Harihar    
  51.   Inst. of Business Administration & Training  Bhubaneswar    
  52.   Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management  Secunderabad    
  53.   BLS Institute of Management  New Delhi    
  54.   Institute of Management Education  Ghaziabad    
  55.   Sri Sringeri Sharada Institute of Management  New Delhi    
  56.   Dept of Management Studies, University of Kashmir  Kashmir    
  57.   SDM Institute for Management Development  Mysore    
  58.   K.J. Somaiya Institute of Mgmt Studies & Research  Mumbai    
  59.   Symbiosis Institute of International Business  Pune    
  60.   Dept of Business Management, Osmania University  Hyderabad    
  61.   Sydenham Inst. of Mgmt Studies & Research  Mumbai    
  62.   School of Mgmt Studies, Hyderabad University  Hyderabad    
  63.   Jagan Institute of Management Studies  New Delhi    
  64.   New Delhi Institute of Management  New Delhi    
  65.   Mount Carmel Institute of Management  Bangalore    
  66.   Dept of Management Studies, REC  Tiruchirapalli    
  67.   Institute of Public Enterprise  Hyderabad    
  68.   National Institute of Management  Calcutta    
  69.   National Inst. of Agricultural Extension Mgmt  Hyderabad    
  70.   United Institute of Management  Allahabad    
  71.   Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade  Visakhapatnam    
  72.   Birla Institute of Management Technology New Delhi    
  73.   Dhruva College of Management  Hyderabad    
  74.   KLS Inst. of Management Education & Research  Belgaum    
  75.   Integrated Academy of Mgmt Technology  Ghaziabad    
  76.   College of Mgmt Studies, GITAM  Visakhapatnam    
  77.   Dept of Business Admin. Guwahati University  Guwahati    
  78.   Aravali Institute of Management  Jodhpur    
  79.   Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies  Pune    
  80.   Shiva Institute of Management Studies  Agra    
  81.   Integral Institute of Advanced Management  Visakhapatnam    
  82.   Xavier Institute of Social Service  Ranchi    
  83.   Department of Commerce & Management Studies  Calicut    
  84.   Bharati Vidyapeeth's Inst. of Mgmt Studies  Mumbai    
  85.   International Institute for Special Education  Lucknow    
  86.   School of Mgmt Studies, Cochin Univ. of Sc. & Tech.  Kochi    
  87.   Kousali Institute of Mgmt Studies  Dharward    
  88.   St. Joseph's College of Business Administration  Bangalore    
  89.   Institute of Technology & Science  Ghaziabad    
  90.   Siva Sivani Institute of Management  Secunderabad    
  91.   Alagappa Institute of Management  Karaikudi    
  92.   Institute of Productivity & Management  Ghaziabad    
  93.   Institute for Technology & Management  Chennai    
  94.   Institute for Technology & Management  Bangalore    
  95.   Inst. of Finance & International Management  Bangalore    
  96.   Indian Institute of Science & Management  Ranchi    
  97.   Institute of Management Studies  Noida    
  98.   Institute of Mgmt & Information Science  Bhubaneswar    
  99.   Department of Business Administration  Bhavnagar

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