How to use GMail for organizing Bookmarks/Notes

27 July, 2005
How to use filters and Labels to automatically organize your Bookmarks/Notes

There are many ways to organize your bookmarks and Notes. Secured way is to keep every thing locally. On can use blogs or web pages for this purpose.

What if you want to keep all your bookmarks away from public?

Best bet is using Gmail. It is very secure, simple and effective. I use this method on a daily basis to store all my bookmarks as well as notes online.

Here is my recipe 
(I assume you have a gmail account and you have logged on to your account say "Y")

1) Click on "Create a filter"
2) In the "To:" field type "YourGmailAdd+links@"
3) click "Next Step"
4) Select "Skip the Inbox" and "Apply the label:"
5) From the drop down menu of "Apply the label:" chose "New Label" (this option is the last one, you can find it at the end). Type " Bookmarks" in the pop-up window and say click on "OK".
6) Click on "Create Filter".

You are all set to store/organize your Bookmarks online!

Now if you want to store some interesting link, all you have to do is to send a mail with your own address with modification shown in point-2. You are right! send mail to "" with your bookmark information in the content. You mail will skip "Inbox" and get labeled as "Bookmarks". You can access your bookmark by clicking on "Bookmarks" Lable.

Similarly you can create another filter and label for "Notes" and send your notes to "YourGmailAdd+notes"

Trick to keep related Bookmarks in a single-mail-content rather than different mails

Why do you want to do this?

As your bookmarks number increases  locating them may be a great problem. Ofcourse one can use Search, but I feel it is much better to organize things in the first place itself.

Solution is again simple  "use Subject wisely"
Lets say you want following news links in single mail entry rather than different

Send first link to ""YourGmailAdd+links@" with subject "News"
Send second and subsequent links to "" with subject "Re: News". Adding "Re: " is very important.

Check GmailMarks Chrome Extension which let you use Gmail for bookmarks and also supports labels and save page contents as attachment.
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