Web Design: Guestbook without using MySQL

23 August, 2005
Yes Joanna's php guestbook is the shortest answer. It's a simple guestbook that uses PHP but doesn't require MySQL.

Why should I bother about a guest book which does not require MySQL?

Simple, MySQL service is paid service with web host. It does not come with basic package. They want me to upgrade if I want to use MySQL data base service.

How about free services like Sign My Guestbook?

It is getting difficult to manage with Sign My Guestbook recently. They charge for new accounts, the server is down a fair amount, the date format is downright ugly, and it adds that stupid code at the bottom linking to diaryland and pitas. However, it remains one of the easiest to use and most customizable guestbook services out there. Above all MySQL service is paid service with many web hosting.

Thanks to Joanna for Great set of PHPs. Check out my working guest book at http://mnjaga.tumkurinfo.com/guest/

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